When you are ready to enter your Public Library Statistics, proceed to the Data Input screen. This new system also provides online real-time access to data for analysis and report generation. More information about the reporting features will be available later.

  • Definitions for each metric are available by selecting the name of the item. You can localize the definitions by adding notes designed to make it easier for others from your organization that enter or review the results. Added notes about definitions are "private" and thus only available to users within your organization.
  • For data values that may require an explanation or where you are prompted with an edit check exception, please provide an explanation as requested or use the Notes Add a Noteicon available for each item. Annotations Add a Note can be set to Private or Public. Only Public annotations are available outside of your organization. Explanations should provide a context for any results that might otherwise appear to be contradictory or confusing.
  • The checkbox in the first column is provided as a convenience for those that wish to keep track of items as they are reviewed and approved. The use of this feature is strictly optional and in no way affects the process.
  • You can your results and return to complete the process at any time.
  • When complete, please and then your data set. Once Locked you will not be able to change any values. If a change is required after the data set is Approved Approved!, then please contact your SDC to the data.
  • After previous period values are available, they will be presented for your reference. Some previous period values pre-fill the current period values (e.g., the name of the Library) while others appear to the right of the data entry field. You can review values from any previous period by selecting the year from the select list at the top of the page.
  • Where values are automatically calculated, the field will be greyed-out  indicating that these values cannot be updated directly and are shown strictly for reference purposes.